Swedish Massage

A blend of relaxing and circulatory massage strokes will help to reduce stress, promote circulation and eliminate toxins.

(60 min) $45.......... (90 min) $65.......... (120 min) $90


Therapeutic Massage

A combination of Swedish and deep tissue are incorporated to help reduce tension in specific areas needed.

(60 min) $55..........(90 min) $75..........(120 min) $110


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue is a technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscles to release chronic muscle tension in specific areas.

(60 min) $65..........(90 min) $90..........(120 min) $130


Sport Massage

Sports massage is essential for any athletic pre and post event. Stretching, deep tissue and muscle manipulation are incorporated to help alleviate and muscle soreness. (75 min) $75


Hot Stone Massage

The sensation of the smooth heated stones not only feels marvelous but is also very therapeutic. The heat from the stones not only helps penetrate deeper into the muscles but also promotes circulation which detoxifies and loosen the muscles. (75 min) $75


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy affects a woman's body in a multitude of ways. Receiving a massage regularly can benefit you by reducing fluid retention and swelling, while also alleviating leg cramps, tension, back pain & headaches.

(60 min) $ 75


Body Polish

This luxurious scrub which includes a one-hour Swedish Massage will leave your body feeling silky smooth to the touch. (75 min) $70